Who Are We?

Goal Of Mine is a subsidiary of Able Anglers Pty Ltd.

Able Anglers is our parent company that operates primarily as a Mental Health Respite service based around building social inclusion networks through their fishing groups and services.

Goal Of Mine is a company that is specifically designed to assist people to achieve their goals, some of these goals could include;

  • Social Friendships
  • Social Group Attendance
  • Self-Confidence Building
  • Attend Activities That Were Only A Dream

Why The New Name?

Able Anglers will still continue to operate as it is and has always intended, as a fishing respite service.

Able Anglers have continued to add more and more social activities to our list of service offerings, these offerings have always been commented as “That’s a Goal Of Mine” to achieve or participate in some of the activities.

How Will This All Work?

Able Anglers will continue to operate independent of Goal Of Mine.

Goal of Mine will operate all Activities, Events and other services that are not directly related to fishing. This includes;

  • V8 Super Cars
  • Theme Parks
  • Social Support
  • Photography Groups
  • And So Much More . . .